Mastering Forex: A Comprehensive Guide to Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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In the ever-evolving world of forex trading, understanding the intricacies of both fundamental and technical analysis is paramount to success. These two pillars of analysis provide traders with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions in the highly volatile forex market. Unlocking the Forex Market: Fundamental Analysis What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental analysis […]

Bitcoin Q1 Technical Forecast: BTC/USD Outlook for 2023

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Cryptocurrency faced major headwinds throughout 2022 as monetary tightening and recession fears took center stage. With inflation and rate expectations triggering the initial decline, the fundamental backdrop remains key for price action in 2023. From a mid-November, two-year low of 15,479, Bitcoin prices recovered through the mid-December to eventually crest 17,000. Despite the turn in the final two months, […]


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Amateur investors and traders often look to the legends for inspiration. Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio are well-known for consistently profiting from their investments over the long term. Traders like George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones rely on more frequent buying and selling strategies, which defines trading. These professionals have made a living off the […]

4 Strategies to Consider When Investing in a Bear Market


There are countless reasons to feel disappointed when your 401(k) statement is showing how much money you’ve lost over the last 30 days. A typical portfolio that’s invested in a mix of stocks, bonds, real estate and cash is likely to be down 17% or more from last year right about now. When you see losses like that in black and white, it might seem insane not to contemplate taking at least some money out of the market. But hold on.