Since the introduction of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, they have shown time and time again that they have the potential to change the world of gaming. Despite this class of assets, games will play the most important role in the player economy, and NFT games can be monetized.


In this article, we will introduce you some of the best NFT games that you can earn money from.


nft games

An NFT title combines conventional game designs with unconventional mechanics to give players more control over in-game assets such as characters, skins, weapons, and more. This is made possible by launching games on the blockchain network and then securing them with digital assets.

Usually NFT games include 3 main strategies to earn money. In them, players can create and develop new characters, purchase digital items or acquire new items through the in-app stores. In all of these cases, players are awarded exclusive ownership of the item or character, which can then be sold to others.

Top NFT games

As with all emerging and established sectors, certain platforms in the NFT gaming world have established themselves as the most prominent titles. In fact, these games have successfully added NFTs to their popular games and many players are experimenting with them to make money. Without further ado, here are some of the top NFT games you can try right now.

It should also be noted that some of the games in the list have Android and iOS (mobile) versions, and some of them are online, with a link to download the mobile version or their respective website.


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is very similar to the Pokemon series, but made a bit more exciting with its own blockchain network. In this Ethereum-based game, players will create their own NFT-based digital creatures called Axies, and then breed them to battle other players and their creatures to earn points.

Also, each creature in the game has its own genetic role, so Axies’ strengths and weaknesses are passed on to their children.

In Axie Infinity, players can trade their digital creatures with others on the Ethereum NFT markets, and the price of each of them depends on their rarity and unique characteristics.



Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game that adds NFT elements to the familiar style of card games. In fact, the game mainly focuses on trading cards, which can be bought from other players or collected by participating in PVP matches. The winner of the tournament is also determined based on the cards used and the skill of the players.

However, Gods Unchained still places a heavy emphasis on player skill and strategy.

Each game card is backed by an ERC-721 token, so you can trade your in-game cards in the game’s in-game market with other players via this token and generally earn money.




Splinterlands is also a card-based game where players can trade their cards with others, just like Gods Unchained. You will also earn cards and prizes by winning tournaments.

To start playing Splinterlands, you must first purchase an initial pack of game cards, and after registering your Steem account, transfer the purchased cards to the game. In some cases, you may be given rare cards for the first time, which will increase your chances of winning the tournament. All in all, there are so many cards in the game that you can use to defeat your opponents.

Once you get familiar with the cards, you can battle other players or take part in its missions and earn money through the in-game market by acquiring more cards.



The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse game and one of the most active NFT gaming platforms where players can create their own virtual assets and trade with others. In this game, which is very similar to popular titles such as Minecraft and Roblox, you can create and earn money from your assets in an incredibly large world.

The platform also provides tools to create items and sell them on the in-game marketplace. In addition, players can also create and play some customized games on its platform.



Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a metaverse NFT Defi game that pits players against or side by side to explore other planets. In this game, players strive to earn the Trilium Token (TLM), which can eventually be used to earn money.

Alien Worlds is also currently one of the most popular NFT games where players try to earn TLM tokens in an alien world. After receiving these tokens, they can be deposited into your wallet.

In general, after entering the Alien Worlds game world, you can design your avatar or character, and then you will be awarded a bill item. After that, you have to mine the token in the huge world of the game with the help of your avatar and shovel.



Battle Racers

As the name suggests, Battle Racers is inspired by popular games like Super Mario Kart and F-Zero, and will probably be more familiar to many mobile gaming fans than the other titles on this list. The main idea of ​​the game is to combine different weapons and parts to make powerful racing cars.

Finally, one can register their own cars on the game’s blockchain network as an NFT and sell them on the OpenSea market.

So in Battle Racers game, players are looking to create their car using different features. Therefore, you can design and build your car in different ways and all of them are related to the players winning the races and getting new points. Another noteworthy point is that this game can be experienced in Decentraland, which is a blockchain-based virtual world.



Sorare — Fantasy Football

For fans of soccer games, Sorare is a card game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players collect or buy cards to compete in weekly tournaments to eventually earn rare and valuable cards or ETH. Also, more than 200 famous clubs in the world, including Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, are present in the game with their players, and new updates are published for it.

There are four different categories of playing cards: common, rare, super rare, and unique. The game is completely free and players are first given a deck of normal automatic cards and also have specific tasks defined for them. However, to progress faster, rare cards can be purchased in its home market.

Finally, using their cards, players must form a team of five, choose their captain, and enter their team into weekly tournaments. If he is familiar with fantasy football matches, in Sorare, points are awarded to players based on the performance of these players in real matches.




Star Atlas

Star Atlas is probably one of the most anticipated blockchain games, which is expected to set a new standard in the monetization game space by combining space exploration gameplay experience, carefully designed strategy elements, and high-quality graphics, as well as being the first AAA blockchain game.

The game mainly revolves around space exploration, mining and development. In Star Atlas, players can create their own custom spaceship, crew, and avatars, and have plenty to mine during their exploration of the game’s expansive universe. You can also participate in PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment or artificial intelligence) battles with the spaceships of the game.

Most in-game assets are represented as NFTs and will be tradable on the Star Atlas marketplace.

While some parts of it are already running, Star Atlas is expected to be officially available to players in late 2022.




Illuvium is an open world role-playing game similar to Pokemon where players enter a digital world full of rare and unusual monsters called Illuvials. Something similar to Axie Infinity, which we took a look at as the first game on the list. In-game creatures can be collected and bred and battled with other players.

The main goal of the game is to build a powerful team of Illuvials, which are used to defeat opponents in battles and earn rewards. Many in-game assets, including LAND tokens and Illuvials, are offered as NFTs that can be bought and sold.

Illuvium is not only one of the most ambitious NFT monetization games to date, but also one of the biggest. This game now has a market value of more than 500 million dollars, which can be introduced as the fourth largest P2E game.

However, like the previous game, Illuvium is still not officially available.



NFT Champions

NFT Champions is a fighting and adventure game based on the blockchain, which again has similarities with Pokemon, where you have to explore and mine.

However, NFT Champions is a story-driven game that also offers a lot of side missions for players to complete and earn more points. Like Pokemon, this game also includes different areas, each with its own unique characters, heroes, and missions.

You can also play the game completely alone or with your friends in co-op and team.

The main goal of NFT Champions is to collect rare and powerful creatures known as Champions so that you can build your team using them. Each of these creatures is known as an NFT and can be upgraded in various ways and eventually sold.


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